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Total Package Training is a personal trainer located in Cleveland, Ohio

Q: You say that you train people to become “The Total Package.” What exactly does that mean?
A: Our definition of the Total Package is someone who not only looks great, but also has excellent physical capabilities (strength, athleticism, flexibility, and the ability to perform everyday tasks with ease,) has a healthy and efficient body, and possesses self-confidence and a positive mental attitude.

Q: What is the primary focus of Total Package Training?
A: Total Package Training's workouts are very personalized to your needs and abilities, so your goals and problem areas will be the predominant focus of your training.  With that being said, the great thing about the Total Package Training philosophy is that the three main fitness categories (appearance, athleticism, and health) are all addressed, so you will see improvement in these areas in addition to your personal goals.

Q: Can I still get these kinds of results even though I will be working out at home instead of in a gym?
A: Absolutely. With our equipment and training techniques, we can recreate virtually any exercise you do in the gym. In fact, you’ll probably find our workouts to be more challenging and effective then any workout you’ve ever experienced!

Q: I’m a woman and I don’t want to get big and bulky. Should I still lift weights?
A: Most definitely. Women should not be afraid of getting big and bulky like men, as it almost certainly will not happen. They simply do not have enough testosterone in their bodies to build as much muscle mass as men. Weightlifting will, on the other hand, tighten and tone any weak and flaccid muscles, and the increase in lean muscle will boost your metabolism causing your body to burn more calories throughout the day, even while you’re at rest!

Q: I don’t know much about exercise, and I’m not in very good shape. Can I still get the kind of results you talk about?
A: Yes. It doesn’t matter where you start it’s where you finish that counts. As long as you have the drive and determination to do the necessary work, then we can show you how to get there.

Q: Why do you include martial arts in your training program?
A: Martial arts are one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise around.  They also burn a ton of calories, improve your power and coordination, relieve stress, and teach you a practical skill.

Q: I am currently pregnant. Is it safe for me to exercise?
It depends. Safety for you and your unborn child are the top priority when it comes to exercise during pregnancy, and there are many modifications that need to be implemented when exercising to ensure this safety. With that being said, a normal, healthy woman who is undergoing a normal pregnancy should be fine to exercise, but she should consult with a doctor before doing so.

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Total Package Training Delivers

Lean muscle
Low body fat
Increased strength
Improved athleticism
Excellent flexibility
Self defense skills
Self confidence
More energy
Less stress

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