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Total Package Training is Cleveland Ohio's premier in home personal training service

Personal trainer in Cleveland, Ohio

Here are some of the techniques TPT utilizes to transform you into the Total Package...

Resistance Training Cleveland, Ohio
Through the use of dumbells, barbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, and your own body weight, TPT's resistance training will make you stronger, increase the size and tone of your muscles, and even speed up your metabolism!

HIIT Cleveland, Ohio
High Intensity Interval Training is a form of cardiovascular exercise that allows you to get a full cardio workout in half the time!
Click HERE to learn more about HIIT.

Plyometrics Cleveland, Ohio
Plyometric exercises have been used for years by professional and amateur athletes alike, to develop quick, powerful movements for their chosen sport. Plyometrics work by utilizing a pre-stretch, which stores elastic energy, and a countermovement that will use this energy to generate an explosive movement. Total Package Training uses plyometric exercises as part of a high-impact, fat burning program, so that you not only develop quick and powerful movements, but you will also have a lean, muscular appearance.

Speed and Agility Development Cleveland, Ohio
Total Package Training’s speed and agility drills are a highly effective means of improving your body’s quickness and agility. Much like the plyometrics aspect of Total Package Training, these drills are incorporated in a way that will not only enhance your athleticism, but will also provide a great cardiovascular workout.

Flexibility Training Cleveland, Ohio
Total Package Training’s flexibility training combines elements from the two best flexibility methods around: Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching, and Yoga. PNF stretching is an advanced form of stretching that was originally developed as part of a neuromuscular rehabilitation program, but has since become recognized as arguably the fastest and most effective way to increase flexibility. Yoga, which incorporates challenging asana’s (poses) and breathing techniques, will not only increase your flexibility, but also strengthen your muscles and relieve stress.

Martial Arts Cleveland, Ohio
Including aspects of boxing, kickboxing, Hapkido, Jiu-jitsu, and basic self-defense, Total Package Training’s martial arts training system not only provides a high-impact cardiovascular workout, but also teaches a practical skill.

Mental Training Cleveland, Ohio
Simply “going through the motions,” during your workout is not enough if you want to develop a high- caliber body. We will teach you how to develop the mind-muscle connection, so you get the most out of every repetition during your workout.

Nutritional Counseling Cleveland, Ohio
What you eat is just as important as the quality of your workouts. That's why Total Package Training provides you with personalized nutritional counseling from Kevin Anello RD.  Kevin graduated from The Ohio State University in Human Nutrition, and completed his Master's degree in Nutrition Education from the University of Cincinnati with an emphasis in sports nutrition and exercise physiology.

Total Package Training Delivers

Lean muscle
Low body fat
Increased strength
Improved athleticism
Excellent flexibility
Self defense skills
Self confidence
More energy
Less stress

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